Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

This Rainbow Unicorn Cake is ready for birthday fun! Complete with a colorful pastel mane and a gold fondant horn, this unicorn cake is great for birthday princesses of all ages. A great project for beginning decorators, this cake uses the pony pan to make this shaped cake. Though we used fun pastel colors here, you can make the mane whatever color combination you'd like! Try bright and bold colors or use a variety of hues in the same color family for a completely different look.


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  1. Two days in advance, make unicorn horn. Divide 1 oz. fondant into two ½ oz. portions. Roll each portion into 2 in. long cone. Using damp brush, lightly wet fondant. Stick two cones together and twist into cone. Insert lollipop stick. Let dry on cornstarch-dusted cake board for two days.
  2. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cake in prepared cake pan. Using knife, trim off harness areas of cooled cake.
  3. Tint icing. Prepare two recipes buttercream icing following recipe instructions. Tint 1 cup icing each lavender and light pink using color combinations provided. Combine Violet and Rose icing colors to get lavender color shown. Combine Pink and Rose icing colors to get light pink color shown. Using Teal icing color, tint 1 cup icing teal. Using Buttercup Yellow icing color, tint 1 cup icing yellow. Using Black icing color, tint ¼ cup icing black. Reserve remaining icing white.
  4. Ice cake. Using remaining white icing and spatula, ice cake smooth. Use spatula to create indent in ears and outline of face.
  5. Pipe mane. Prepare four decorating bags with tip 32. Fill separately with lavender, light pink, teal and yellow icing. Pipe mane, alternating colors. Reserve remaining light pink icing.
  6. Pipe nose, cheek and eye. Prepare decorating bag with tip 3 and remaining light pink icing. Pipe nose and cheek, using spatula to smooth icing.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 3 and black icing. Pipe eye and eyelashes.

  7. Decorate cake. Using Gold Color Mist, spray fondant horn gold. Let dry, about 10 to 15 minutes. Insert horn.


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